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QUICK MOUNT PV QBase Universal Flash Tile Mount 18''x18'' Aluminum Mill Finish 12Pack QMUTM A 12

Each mount kit (12 per box) includes:
Cast aluminum QBase
Aluminum post, 1.25'' x 6.5''
9'' x 9'' spun aluminum cone sub-flashing
18'' x 18'' spun aluminum cone malleable flashing
Two zinc-coated steel lag bolts, 5/16'' x 3''
Stainless steel machine bolt, 5/16" x 1"
EPDM post collar/counter flash
EPDM-bonded stainless steel sealing washer, 5/16'' x 1¼''
Stainless steel fender washer
Stainless steel split lock washer, 5/16''
Grade-8 machine bolt, 5/16'' x 3/4''

Flashes all tile roofs, curved or flat
Flashed at both the deck and tile level
Large malleable aluminum top flashing
QBase is the strongest off-the-shelf mechanical mount
3031 lbs. average pullout (Douglas fir); 803 lbs. average shear
All fasteners and hardware included
All exposed hardware is 18-8 stainless steel
Attaches to roof structure with 2 or 4 fasteners
100% IBC compliant
Meets or exceeds tile roofing best practices
Aluminum mill Finish
10-year warranty; 50-year expected life
Works with all leading racks
Patents pending
Made in USA

The QBase Universal Tile Mount uses the QBase foundation and two spun aluminum cone flashings to keep out the rain. The malleable top flashing conforms to fit virtually any tile roof.

The primary flashing at the roof deck forms a waterproof shield isolating all penetrating fasteners from corrosive water intrusion. The top flashing is malleable, so it works equally well for curved and flat tile roofs. Both flashings feature a spun aluminum cone, with no seams to fail in extreme climates. The reinforced QBase makes an extraordinarily strong foundation. Ideal for both retrofit and new roof installations.

Advancing the Future of Rooftop Solar
With a passion for solar energy and a commitment to doing solar right, Quick Mount PV was founded in 2006 to bring cost-effective, code-compliant, waterproof rooftop mounting systems to the solar industry.
 As PV installers and general contractors, Quick Mount PV founders Stuart Wentworth and Claudia Wentworth saw too many rooftop mounts that were doomed to failure, posing a threat not only to any given roof and building, but to the burgeoning solar PV industry itself.

Prior to founding Quick Mount PV, Stuart and Claudia Wentworth spent 20 years in the metal fabrication, green building and construction trades. As solar PV installers for seven years before launching the company, the Wentworths saw far too many mounting methods in use that were doomed to failure, posing a threat to the burgeoning solar PV industry.

In 2006, with a passion for solar energy and a deep commitment to doing solar right, the Wentworths founded Quick Mount PV to bring fast, cost-effective, and completely code-compliant waterproof mounting systems to the solar industry.

Engineering a Solution
Recognizing the dual challenge of rooftop solar — the need for fast installation and the demand that every attachment be absolutely watertight — Quick Mount PV innovated the patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal, which raises the waterproofing barrier up off the roof. By attaching the QBlock to an all-aluminum flashing, installing the mount was made fast and simple, requiring only a single bolt.

The resulting Classic Composition Mount became an instant hit in a market hungry for mounting solutions and remains today the industry's best-selling solar roof mount.

Other innovations followed, most notably the QBase reinforced foundation. The QBase took traditional base-and-post mounting technology to its ultimate level, providing unrivaled strength and enabling higher standoffs.

Quick Mount PV is committed to ongoing innovation to continually perfect the art of rooftop solar mounting.

Respecting the Roof
Because a failsafe attachment requires roofing knowledge as well as superior equipment, Quick Mount PV pioneered the adoption of best roofing practices in the solar industry with extensive industry training and education. Quick Mount PV has trained thousands of solar professionals throughout North America and continues to expand its education program with hands-on training, classroom instruction, webinars, and a growing array of online videos and information downloads. In 2012, the company completed a state-of-the-art in-house training facility.

Meeting the Demand with Made-in-America Products
The company has grown at 70+ percent per year to meet rapidly rising demand. Quick Mount PV employs 65 people in its northern California headquarters, where it fabricates all company products.

Led by a team of seasoned executives, Quick Mount PV is fully committed to the solar industry, to sustainable business practices, and to manufacturing in the USA.

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