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What is the best drone for a start up Roofing company?

Is it a toy or a tool? If you’re wondering what kind of drone you should get for your roofing company here’s a video comparing the top three drones on the market today. #autel evo 1, #dji air and the #dji mavic mini. Every drone has its pros and cons. Erik and Paul give you a rundown on the drones that are used by Texas Family Roofing.

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  1. Chasbro Chas

    The Evo1 is a great drone. I have it for about a year now. It came out about the year 2018. Not having the geo-fencing is a big plus. The only drawback about the drone being a few years old is Autel doesn’t even supply any of the accessories…batteries, props etc. So you may be lucky and get accessories for the Evo1 in a Best Buy or B&H camera online.
    So you mentioned you want to hold onto the drone for awhile. I suggest for a business to get an additional 2 batteries. Fun videos guys. BTW no need to get the Evo2.

  2. D Hui

    The drones you guys recommended are good but just a bit pricy for my use. what specification of a drone you would consider a must have for a homeowner like me, who wants to check on my roof (1-storey) from time to time? thanks.

    1. Texas Family Roofing

      There’s a ton of new drones that are pretty affordable. I like the new Mavic mini 2. They have them on sale at Costco. They are super fun and I always take mine on vacation to get some good footage

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