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7 Types of Roofing Contractors: From Owner Operators to Storm Chasers

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From Insights:
00:00 Intro
01:05 Rating system explained
02:40 Owner-operators
05:19 Small business contractors
06:18 Middle business contractors
07:21 Real-life examples
09:07 Top local contractors
09:39 Local leader
12:45 National leader
15:12 Storm chaser

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Author: admin




    I have hired a Owner operator who is guaranteeing his labor for 10 years…plus the Manufacturers warranty.
    I decided on Owens Corning Duration…using stainless steel nails…
    He is on Ownes Corning web site Ownes Corning guaranteeing his work…
    He will not install any roof until late March early April.
    I am slotted for 1st week in May.
    His Rating on Home Advisor is 4.9 out of 5…in business for 17 years now…
    A EXCELLENT rating on the BBB.

  2. Jason Harley

    Great info for the homeowners. You are spot on with this. As a roofing contractor who is trying to scale and big goals for 2021 we trying our beat to keep our customer service and quality on an extremely high level. It’s not an easy task and is easy for a company to let it get off track.

  3. Home Improvement Channel Directorii

    01:05 Rating system explained
    02:40 Owner-operators
    05:19 Small business contractors
    06:18 Middle business contractors
    07:21 Real-life examples
    09:07 Top local contractors
    09:39 Local leader
    12:45 National leader
    15:12 Storm chaser

    1. Joseph Tell

      After looking at your info I next look at Angie’s looking at the picture the guy doing the roofing has some of the roofing running the wrong way he isn’t using h clips and he isn’t using half inch exterior plywood Angie’s list is a joke the picture is staged correctly but a professional looking at what is actually being done can’t help but laugh I feel sorry for all of the citizens that look at Angie’s roofing section and look at the nice little picture and decide to use their service don’t make that mistake citizens JT Philadelphia Pennsylvania

  4. M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing

    Nailed it! Almost break that 1 mill mark this year but almost doesn’t count. All hats on me and yes, quality and safety is everything. It’s hard to build but easy to destroy Reputation. Great tips for homeowners

    1. SFCISME

      @Dmitry Lipinskiy He and I have no beef,lol. We are both 1’s. I just have tenure. But you are right we are less accessible because we are a lot more picky about the jobs we take and for who we will work for. In our northern states we have a 7-8 month year typically. We try to maximize profit and production.

  5. 001francotirador

    You said that 80% of owner operators go out of business within first two years. I am an owner operator and have been for 4 years now I continue to run business that way I am lucky to say I am that 20% still in business. You have great information on all your videos, I have learned so much. It would be awesome to meet you if you ever come to Arizona !

  6. Ethan Ruegemer

    I wish you would clarify what storm chasers are and how to identify. Most local roofing contractors do storm work in the Minnesota metro area and a large percentage will knock doors to present their company in a storm situation. When there is a storm damaged neighborhood or town nearby, they would not be smart to sit back, wait, and hope for the phones to ring. A good local contractor who’s business is 80% storm restoration for towns within a one or two hour drive doesn’t make him a “storm chaser” in the sense that you are taking about. But to a homeowner overwhelmed and inundated with people knocking on their door after a storm, everyone is a storm chaser. Even if most or all of the door knockers are local contractors looking for business. I have seen out of state contractors come in for storms, but most of the competition is here locally within a 1 hour drive. Does that make everyone that knocks a door a storm chaser? I think it’s misleading. A very high percentage of roof replacements are insurance claims, or should be in our area. Thus the price is somewhat set as per the claim, which makes pricing irrelevant. Hopefully you don’t have to battle the insurance to get a fair price. A contractor just giving an estimate without looking for storm damage is doing a disservice to themselves and to homeowners, I have turned almost every retail “estimate” into an insurance claim resulting in a full roof replacement. It makes it an easy decision for the homeowner who to use to complete the work. As a sales rep knocking doors right in the cities I easily sold $1 Million plus each year. Almost the entire business for the $6 Million company I worked for, located right on the cities, was insurance restoration. If a homeowner is not adding onto their home or selling, why are they replacing the roof? If it’s leaking it’s likely an insurance claim. If it’s old it most likely has storm damage, or wait a few years.

    I love most of your videos Demitri but you started a very unique company focused mostly on retail when the market is mostly storm restoration. It seems you are biased against door knocking and yard signs as I understand from previous videos. It would be business suicide for many contractors to wait for phones to ring. I would love to see you make a video recognizing door knocking and local storm restoration contractors. 👍

    1. Dmitry Lipinskiy

      I have done many videos of door knocking and storm restoration. Local restoration is great. And you will find guys who do it right when they travel, but those who travel for a living usually leave trace of poor work (risk for home owners) and are not someone I recommend.

      Door knocking is just method of advertising, “storm chasing” is way of life: always look for “fresh” storms. Honestly, after being in industry for Years I have to say: those who usually chasing low hanging fruit and not willing to go extra mile to do it right: they pick and choose consumers, jobs, often say “no” and more times than not incompetent and lazier than hungry contractors who will take on projects on any difficulty level.

    2. Ethan Ruegemer

      I 100% agree with your response. I just think many of your videos could be misconstrued by confused homeowners, who can’t distinguish. Especially in a post storm madhouse. It all comes down to doing the proper research before hiring a contractor.

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