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How to be a good guy in Roofing Industry | Jim Johnson | Roofing Insights

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Meet good leader in roofing industry: Jim Johnson.
Comment below to show some love for Jim and welcome him to the channel!
How to be a good guy in Roofing Industry | Jim Johnson | Roofing Insights

00:00 Intro
00:26 Jim avoids politics
00:55 Is Jim a good guy?
03:25 How much does Jim make?
04:35 Jim's biggest mistakes
08:20 No such thing as a perfect company
14:10 Reputation is crucial
15:53 Best market to enter
17:45 New contractors should go to…
20:07 How much money do you need to start a business?
21:06 Best profit margins in roofing
22:00 Perfect business size for net profit
24:06 Why people should hire Jim?
25:26 How to work ON, not IN your business
28:40 Contractors make more money than sales coaches, but money isn't everything
34:44 How to become a good leader; what makes someone a bad leader?
46:28 Is it possible to be too nice?
50:23 "If you don't have a brand, you're a commodity"; plus, Dmitry takes a stand
54:43 Why are there so many bad marketers?
55:58 Non-compete clauses
57:54 Why don't owners pay salespeople? (CONTROVERSIAL!)
1:08:12 "It's not disparaging if it's true"
1:10:39 Problem with 1099's?
1:12:04 How to stay out of your own way
1:15:37 Building a culture
1:20:55 How much does a coach cost?
1:23:22 Why roofing companies fail
1:25:30 The perception of wealth
1:28:25 Biggest mistakes contractors make
1:29:14 This is what every successful company does
1:31:35 Advice to new contractors

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  1. Nick

    💯% respect for Jim 👏 . Glad he realized growth in life is not based on the materialistic crap in life. Homeowners undertake alot of stress and anxiety when they have issues on their home. I believe more when it has to do with their roof. There is good money in repair work but thats not why i get up in the morning & do what i do everyday! The relief i have given Homeowners in a time of stress even if it was just for a couple minutes. is the 2nd greatest feeling ever. The 1st was my son being born 😭! nothings going to ever take that spot lol especially bc “Doctor’s” gave us 5% possibility of conceiving on our own🖕🧑‍⚕️

  2. Xapier Gonzalez

    In my humble opinion this is in my top 3 of better videos that you have shown in your YouTube channel. Keep working hard 💪 and thank you for all that information. I always hit the like button to support you is the less that I can do.

    1. Richard Turner

      @Jim Johnson There were many takeaways, but the biggest points for me were #1 What happens if there were no sales starting today. #2 What is our cash flow. #3 Having a great business culture which in turn leads to the point of “Doing the right thing every time”. #4 Making employees better to further grow the company with ongoing training and learning opportunities. #5 Get to where it hurts to not hire someone.

  3. Mike G

    California, roofers come and go, and among the ones who go, a fair amount of them were just scammers.

    Been in business 27 years, the most long term profitable approach absolutely has to include being a good guy. 1000%. That includes doing the right thing even when no one would notice if you didn’t, because Karma is real. By good I mean honest, fair, responsible, reasonable, accountable, responsive, give a damn, try to do the right thing. And that includes with your employees.

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