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Metal Roofing Installation: Tilcor Roof System | Roofing Insights

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How to install Metal Roof | Tilcor Roofing System | Roofing Insights
Dmitry visits Roofing Center in Salt Lake City and learns how to install Tilcor Roofing System
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From Insights:
00:00 Intro
00:10 Dmitry will install a metal roof
03:50 Tilcor has a unique starter shingle
06:54 Metal shingles mitigate ice damning
08:49 Tilcor is based in New Zealand
12:02 Dmitry cuts metal; “gloves are for girls”
13:14 Getting on the roof
14:53 Metal roofs are a lifestyle
18:41 Dmitry goes to work
20:55 Welcome back Chris Danielson!
21:36 Meet a few other roofers
24:33 Are metal roofs popular?
25:44 Marketing metal roofs
27:45 Dmitry is back at it!
28:34 Average ticket price of a metal roof
30:06 Final words

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  1. Forward Home Enhancements

    Cool system. Id love more information.

    Another metal roofing system that you can use granulated ice and water shield. Diamond metal shingles also allows granulated ice and water, according to BDR.

    As I’m sure you know, you have to use Psu30 or some type of smooth ice and water shield (that won’t stick) on standing seam.

    Do you have information for sales rep on diamond metal shingles and this product? U.S. based reps??

  2. The roofer

    Nice to see you on the roof. Sure are a lot of important positions in this industry to get the job done and make the homeowners happy. From sales, marketing, to installs, replacements and repairs. Good to see you willing to try all of the hats on. Many aren’t.

    1. The roofer

      Good video and awesome looking product by the way. But no way. Everyone that disagrees with you doesn’t get to be a hater. Some just don’t want what they’ve worked so hard to become, and are proud of, to be swept under the rug by a group of people that know it is morally wrong to do so and take what they deserve to identify as away from them. It’s quite hurtful. I spent more time becoming what I am than a doctor does going to college and med school. I am still learning a quarter of a century on the field later.

    2. Dmitry Lipinskiy

      I would never call you a hater, and never called myself a roofer. I don’t get offended by people who call me out. Steve Jobs didn’t assemble phone and Elon Musk doesn’t build cars daily.

      We all learning and I learn daily. I have installed siding, floors, Insullation, built cabinets and painted. I worked 60-80 hours weeks for decade on the field and today I do the same in office. I educate people what works and what doesn’t. Some only can focus on what I don’t know and it blocks their brain to learn what I can share. I helped roofers to build solid businesses, many struggled before they met me and now they live different life!

      I am proud in what I do and wouldn’t do anything else. And it is harder than physical labor, I miss working on the field, way more rewarding, less stressful and less risky!

    3. The roofer

      @Dmitry Lipinskiy Most meaningful reply I have ever gotten from you, at least in my mind. Thank you and I do have respect for what you do and have accomplished. Will always be proud of my roots even though they aren’t very respected these days due to the stigma some roofers have wrapped around us, and I think we all should be proud. Not everybody has earned that pride though. You certainly have and then some. And I hope you do well with the big jerks you are dealing with currently. Some of us mean well and can get stuck in our own heads. What used to be has crumbled around me over the years and I’m just not ready to give up what I thought I was working toward as a young adult.

  3. Zeus Angelblazer

    so what do you do on this roof for fall protection after it has been installed? where does the temporary anchor go? In my area permanent anchors have to be engineered so nobody installs them and it is common to screw temp anchors over the asphalt shingles then seal nail holes with caulking. Fall protection is mandatory for heights over 1 story.. Gutters get cleaned twice a year sometimes.

  4. Blue Steel Construction

    I received my sample of tilcor roofing products can’t wait to sell my first roof with this material it is super legit and the company is great their reps are the best and answer any questions you may have!

  5. Jordon Campbell

    Sorry Dimitri, I can’t endorse any metal roofing company that uses a granulated (garbage) ice and water shield with a G90 or AZ60 substrate. The lifespan of the metal roof will far out reach a product meant for use with a 15-20 year product. Imagine a cold can of soda/beer on a warm humid day, it condensates. Now imagine that happening on the underside of the steel panel, with the expansion and contraction of the metal. Take moisture, steel, and self adhered sandpaper (granulated Ice and water) coupled with expansion and contraction… rust the panel from the backside out. Metal roofs are much like tile roofs, where the metal only handles a certain percentage of the water, and the underlayment does the rest of the work. Much as your video about ice and water shield explains the value of ice and water, and the extreme differences between a granulated (cough garbage) ice and water shield, and a high-temp, or film faced ice and water shield, I refuse to stake my company’s reputation, and the expense of warranty calls, for a few dollars per roll. If you are really selling the advantages of a metal roof, you should have no problem justifying the your price, and why you use quality components that make up the core of your roofing system. Also, for the love of all things holy don’t staple the synthetic felt. Manufacturers only cover stapling synthetic felt when you are able to cover it in a short amount of time (varies per manufacturer, and per final roof covering) and most metal roofs take far longer than those stipulations allow. Has anyone ever wondered why Titanium UDL has Ghost Buster style pictures of no staples, and says “Do Not Staple”?

    1. Jordon Campbell

      Comment edit: Painted, or stone coated steel, usually has a substrate of AZ-50 galvalume. Also, despite my rant of installation practices, this product, as installed is still far and away a better option than asphalt shingles, for those who can afford the upgrade. Keep calm, and metal on!

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